Masterclasses & Workshops

Theater Montagnes Russes

The work of Cornelia Rainer and Theater Montagnes Russses has awoken wide interest both at home and abroad. Starting from October 2017, the director will open the doors for workshops and masterclasses. National and international artists will run these as guests and share their expierences from the fields of theatre, music and film.

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TMR/ Masterclasses for professional artists 

During these masterclasses, the participants will be confronted with differents methods and working practices. read more They will get an insight into past and future projects. The masterclasses will focus on developing scenes and monologues from both classical and contemporary theatre litterature.


--- Masterclass 1 - 23.10. bis 27.10.2017
--- Masterclass 2 - 13.11. bis 17.11.2017
--- Masterclass 3 - 11.12. bis 15.12.2017
--- Masterclass 4 - 22.01. bis 26.01.2017

Times Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. Lunch break, hot meal included.
Address TMR/Studio. Diehlgasse 51, 1050 Wien
Price 480 Euro
Application Deadline for registration 7 days before the classes start. Please send your CV with photo and an accompanying letter to

Limited places.

TMR/ Workshops for children and adolscents 

Once a month the Theater Montagnes Russses will invite everyone to discover the different fields in the world of theatre, starting in October 2017. read more
Each weekend participants will experience a new field of theatre and get to know the process and inner workings of a theatre production. They themselves become actors, directors, playwrights, set and costume designers and composers for theatre. The workshops are open for children and adolescents, as well as for those who want to become actors, for teachers and pensioners. They are open for everyone who wants to develop or discover their passions for theatre, who want to build on their talents or who want to further and train their eye for artstic processes.


Children for ages 8 to 14 years 
--- 21.+22.10.2017 - Acting for theatre and film
--- 11.+12.11.2017 - Playwriting
--- 09.+ 10.12.2017 - Set and Costume design
--- 13.+14.01.2018 - Theatre Music
--- 17.+18.02.2018 - Directing

Adolescents for ages 15 to 22 years 
--- 28.+29.10.2017 Acting
--- 18.+19.11.2017 Playwriting
--- 16.+17.12.2017 Set and Costume design
--- 20.+21.01.2018 Theatre Music
--- 24.+25.02.2018 Directing

Times Saturday and Sunday from 10 am-5pm. Lunch break, hot meal included
Address TMR/Studio. Diehlgasse 51, 1050 Wien
Price 155 Euro/children, adolscents, students and 230 Euro/adults. All workshops can be booked and attended as individual courses.
Registration deadline 1 week before the workshop starts. Email to

Studio Residence Award

In March 2016, Theater Montagnes Russes took up residence in a new rehearsal studio in Vienna's 5th District. read more Since then, projects have been successfully developed and produced for both established theatre houses and the independent scene, home and abroad.

From October 2017 the company will offer "3 residence awards" per year. With these theatre or any other group, individuals can get the chance to use the company's rehearsal studio for free up to 4 weeks. Application Email to

--- Description of the project,estimated duration and number of participants (max. 2 A4 sides)
--- Participation in one of the company's workshops
--- Participation in one of the company's productions
--- Participation in one of the company'srehearsal day
--- Following the residency share your experiences on our facebook page/residence award