TMR/ Theater Montagnes Russes is a theater company based in Vienna and is run by Director Cornelia Maria Rainer. The theater company is represented in Austria and internationally.
LENZ, stage model

“Montagnes Russes” is the name given to roller coasters in France. Literally translated, the term means "Russian mountains". According to tradition, an archetype of the roller coaster was invented in the Russian mountain landscape, where slopes were iced in order to enable even more adventurous rides.

The production “Lenz” was commissioned by the Salzburg Festival / Young Directors Project 2012. It played on a wooden roller coaster and gave the company its name. In summer 2016, a new staging of the production “Lenz” was invited to the 70th Festival d’Avignon (IN) and performed in the Cours-Saint Joseph.

TMR / Theater Montagnes Russes produces guest interpreters from the fields of theater, dance, film and music for each project, and gathers guest interpreters from different artistic disciplines for each project.



As part of the TMR / International Masterclass Program, established artists from the domestic and international theater scene are regularly invited to Vienna. They share their craft and their specific way of working in the fields of theater, film, dance and music. Aside from casting and trial operations, the participants have the unique opportunity to deepen their craft, try out new work constellations and expand their professional network beyond Austria's borders.

At the TMR / Theater and Film Academy, children and young people discover the world of theater and film with established theater and film-makers. The aim is to promote young talents in good time, their
to train artistic and social skills and to involve them in domestic and international theater and film productions.


Information about current masterclasses: masterclasses@theatermontagnesrusses.com
Information about current workshops for children and young people:  akademie@theatermontagnesrusses.com

All courses take place in Studio Diehlgasse in the fifth district of Vienna.


Past productions from Theater Montagnes Russes


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