Hamlet, Ophelia and others

by Cornelia Rainer and Stephan Lack | Burgtheater Vienna 2017
Reinhard Werner

"Even without an enemy, youth has its own internal disputes." William Shakespeare

A young man from a very good family: he has spent the last years at a prestigious school far from home to prepare him for his later duties. read more In the meantime, he returns home - his father is dead and after a very short time, his mother has married his father's brother, who now carries out state business. The young man mistrusts the idyll of his new family, and of his dead father - Hallucination? Ghost? – feeds this sinister suspicion.

A young woman from a good family: she is in love with the young man, and he, it seems, is also in love with her. But her father warns her against a relationship that would have no future due to their differences in social status. Deeply insecure, she lets herself be the implement of an evil intrigue, conspired by the adults - the adults, who believe that every means is necessary to increase their power and maintain their status. The more-than-proverbial corpses in the cellar must continually be suppressed, and any questioning of their system must be stopped.

The young people get caught up in the web of manipulation, lies and statehood: Hamlet's school friends and Ophelia's brother have to pay bitterly for their arrangements with the adult world, Ophelia descends into madness and Hamlet is worn down by the conflict between the thirst for revenge, moral scruples and disgust for this world. Do they have a chance to escape this deadly spiral?

Dates and Cast

April 2017, Burgtheater Kasino back

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