Talent for (un) happiness. By Paula Köhlmeier | Altes Hallenbad Feldkrich
Mark Mosman

"Maramba is a feeling. A feeling that cannot be explained and one that only he has; according to him". read more
She goes home. She jumps along the pavement. Her head asks if Maramba means something good. At home, she looks up the word in a dictionary. The word does not exist and the word enchants her."
In 2003 the young writer, Paula Köhlmeier, suffered an accident while hiking. The daughter of writer-couple Michael Köhlmeier and Monika Helfer leaves behind 47 short stories, script synopses and sketches, fragments of a novel, that Paula K. wanted to call "My talent for happiness." Her parents preferred the title "Maramba" reminiscent of Paula’s magic word for her "I do not know" feeling of happiness and sadness.
"'The closedness of a novel did not meet their lifestyle', they write in the epilogue. 'She experienced a lot and experienced quickly'; but the purposeless beauty of everyday epiphanies that she wanted to conjure, locked her away from the great form and likewise away from the grand words. The stories, often only one or two pages long, deal with loneliness and jealousy, longing, heartache and betrayal, even murder and suicide. But their actual quality is in a clear, delicate and powerful language in which each approximate feeling, every superfluous word is erradicated." (FAZ)
Cornelia Rainer is now producing the 2005 posthumously published collection of short stories.

Dates and Cast

Release: 08/10/2016
Dates: 9/11/12/13/14/15/16.10.2016
at the Altes Hallenbad Feldkirch / Vorarlberg, 8 PM.

A Walk Tanztheater Production.

WITH Sophie Aujesky, Laura Mitzkus, Helga Pedross, Andreas Schwankl, Magnus Rouven Stöhr | Director Cornelia Rainer | Set and Costume Design Valerie Lutz | Music Patrick Lerchenmüller


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