by Cornelia Rainer | Centre Dramatique National de Rouen, 2019
Arnaud Bertereau, CDN Rouen

Everyone knows the story of Joan of Arc, who changed the world by going to war as the first woman of her time and defying men. Countless poets such as Schiller or Brecht adopted the legend. Cornelia Rainer brought the historic fabric of the Maid of Orleans back to the stage, on behalf of the Theatre Dschungel Vienna for children and adolescents. The production was premiered at the Theater Dschungel Wien and received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Artist Award 2014. In February 2019 Cornelia Rainer will direct the play in a French version at the Centre Dramatique National de Rouen/ CDN; Rouen was Jeanne d'Arc's last stop: on May 30th 1431, she was burned at the Place Vieux Marché at the pyre.
read more Performances at the Centre Dramatique National de Rouen, From 26 th February to 9 th of march 2019 
Following the performances at the CDN, a tour in France is planned.

Text, direction, stage design Cornelia Rainer | Music N.N. | With Leslie Bernard, Hiba El Aflahi, Eurydice El-Etr, Olive Maleville

With the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Paris.

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