Gil and Dole

a film by Cornelia Maria Rainer | TIFF Bell Lightbox Toronto 2022

based on the novel “Licht” by Christoph Meckel

Gil and Dole, both in their 30s - have been happy lovers for years. One day Gil finds a letter, which Dole has addressed to an unknown man.
With the discovery of the letter, an existential struggle for love begins.

Honorable Mention for Best Foreign Short Feature at the Female Eye Film Festival/ Toronto.
First Screening date: June 11 th 2022 at TIFF Bell Lightbox Toronto/ Canada (World Premiere)

Second Screening Date: December 16, 2022 at Filmcasino Vienna.
In the presence of Gila Funke-Meckel and Christoph Meckel's companions Robert Schindel and Jan Koneffke.
A discussion will take place after the film. Moderator: Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger

With Swintha Gersthofer, Nikolaus Barton, Matthias Mamedof, Stefano Bernardin und Adelheid Arndt.

read more Director and Screenwriter: Cornelia Maria Rainer
Director of Photography: Stefan Olivier
Editor: Alexander Felix Rauscher
Music: Wolfgang Schlögl, Raphael Traunfellner
Sound Recording: Lara Zill, Sophie Wasserburger
Additional Camera: Klaus Track
Sound Mix: Michael Drabosenig
Colors: Andreas Winter
Assistant Camera: Annetta Klein
Assistant Editors: Pia Huemer, Elahe Aman
Translation: Cornelia Maria Rainer, Sally Lehniger, Sophie Laurent
Subtitles: Alexander Felix Rauscher, Florian Juterschnig
Posterdesign: Kira Lichtblau
Postproduction: Apehouse
Production: Cornelia Maria Rainer
© Cornelia Maria Rainer und Langen Müller Verlag GmbH, 2022
Recording picture format: 1: 1.35 
Recording resolution: Full HD
Frame rate 24 fps.
Arri Camera

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