Madame Butterfly

by Giacomo Puccini | Opera Trier 2019

02.02.2019, Großes Haus 19:30 a.m.


American naval officer Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton is stationed in Nagasaki, where he is married to Geisha Cio-Cio-San, called Butterfly, under Japanese law - contracted for 999 years, with the option to resign every month.
read more When Pinkerton leaves the country with his ship, the marriage is over for him. Butterfly, on the other hand, remains true to her American husband and eagerly awaits his return. And Pinkerton returns to Japan, though with his American wife Kate. But Butterfly has a son of Pinkterton. She has the choice: back to a life as a geisha, to marry the rich prince Yamadori, who woos her - or death? Butterfly's decision is clear: her son should go to America with Pinkerton and his wife, she chooses the death ... Puccini's music is an impressive reflection of the clash of cultures. Japanese melodies are quoted and imitated, and the Japanese and American national anthems are incorporated into the opera. But not only different cultures, but also different life plans and wishes meet. In the short term, they seem to merge, sometimes stand unconnected next to each other, only to collide irreconcilably with such force that a profound shock is unavoidable. In the center is always Butterfly. The music delicately traces its evolution from the naive, dreamy young geisha to a determined woman deprived of her illusions.

Director Cornelia Rainer | Stage and Costume Design Michaela Mandel | Music Director Jochem Hostembach

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