The tale of the old man

Musical Theater | Festival Wien Modern, Theater Dschungel Wien 2013
Theater Montagnes Russes

"Since no one was there anymore, the child went out into the world.
And over time, the child became older and older and old."

Once upon a time, with these words, all fairytales begin. So too does "The tale of the old man" start with these well-known words and nevertheless finds its point of departure in a time which lies not that far away. read more

A young family, husband, wife and child, is buzzing with excitement: Finally the move into their own home, which they have been longing for! Full of joy they move into their new and modern house. They can hardly wait to unpack everything: Finally enough space for all their things and even a really big garden to play in or to lie in the sun. The child gets the long awaited dog – and everything seems to be perfect.

But soon it becomes overshadowed, because one day an old man suddenly appears in the family's house. Nobody knows who the old man is, or where he comes from. But with his presence more and more strange and mysterious things happen, which shake up the family’s well-organized and contemplative world. Their home becomes increasingly a space in which reality, memory and imagination intermingle.

But what does the old man want? And what is he looking for? Soon it becomes clear that the old man’s journey did not lead him to this place by accident. And while the old man follows the invisible path of days, that have long since past more and more old memories, long-lost dreams and forgotten or untold stories from the past appear in the family’s consciousness ...

Dates and cast

Premiere on 26th of October, 2013 Music Festival Wien Modern and Theater Dschungel Wien.
Guest performance at The "Freies Theater Innsbruck"

Awarded with the "Young Directors Prize 2013" by the Austrian Cultural Ministry

A co-production of Cornelia Rainer & Theater Montagnes Russes, Theatre Dschungel Wien, Festival Wien Modern & ensemble LUX
Musical theatre, Length: approx. 50 minutes, recommended for ages 7 years and above

With Klaus Huhle (old man,) Anna-Sophie Kostal (woman), Florian Stanek (men), Tom Kofler (child), Thomas Wally (violin), Stefanie Prenn (cello), Nikolai Tunkowitsch (violin) | Concept, Libretto, Stage Direction Cornelia Rainer | Composition, Musical Direction Thomas Wally | Stage Setting, Costume design Fiammetta Horvat | Dramatic Adviser Monique Ehmann | Production Managment, Assistant Director Barbara Schubert | Assistant Stage Setting, Colobaration Costume Otto Krause | Intern Stage Direction Theresa Gruber


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