The abilitiy of finding home

by Cornelia Rainer | Burgtheater Kasino 2007
Burgtheater Wien

The task and passion of a carrier pigeon breeder is, above all, to send pigeons to unknown places and wait for their return. The text is a snapshot of a person who stays behind alone and, remaining immobile in waiting, delivers a discourse on absence. read more It creates a scenario of leaving and returning. The one who stays behind enters an intermediate space full of memories and expectations. The text is not a psychologically constructed story but an attempt to depict a condition through images casually and intuitively painted by carrier pigeon breeders, and thereby creating room for free associations. It is a scenic approach to the topics of farewell, absence and waiting. In writing the play, Cornelia Rainer took conversations with carrier pigeon breeders as a point of departure.

"you often try not to wait
while you sit and wait
they often do not come
while you are thinking of something else
not thinking about them
they often return
because you forgot
to think about them

it is good that you do not know
how it will find home
that you do not know
why it returns back home

you sit there
looking at the pigeon clock
looking out the window
looking at the sky"

Dates and cast

World Premiere took place on 9th of February 2007

With Cornelius Obonya, Claus Riedl (Geige), Karl Stirner (Zither) | Text and Stage Direction Cornelia Rainer | Stage design Jura Gröschl | Costume design Aurel Lenfert | Music Claus Riedl, Karl Stirner | Light design Helmut Preissler | Dramatic Adviser Judith Liere


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