by Andreas Liebmann | Burgtheater Vestibül 2009
Burgtheater Wien

Heilbronn is a beautiful, quiet, idyllic town in Southern Germany. It is home to Vera and Thomas and their two daughters Christa and Anna. The Schwend River babbles behind the house while the family stages a home concert together. To the everyone surprise, Vera decides to leave this "ideal place to be" and travels to Mongolia in order to play music there and meet artists from other countries. read more She has hardly left when the first cracks in their seemingly solid family ties begin to appear. While Thomas self-reflects and Vera tries to reinvent herself in Mongolia, mysterious events all over Europe become more frequent: people explode without any scientific explanation. Even the quiet town of Heilbronn is not safe from these inexplicable explosions ...

Family history, surrealist crime story, grotesque: Andreas Liebmann's "Exploded" playfully and humorously transcends the boundaries of reality. At the same time, it very soberly tells the story of the dissolution of a family and the lurking depressions of common lives.

Dates and cast

Premiere | World Premiere on 25th of January 2009

With Stefanie Dvorak, Pauline Knof, Petra Morzé, Patrick O.Beck, Peter Wolfsberger, Martin Beck, Josef Fuchs, Ulli Hübl, News Anchors: Robert Reinagl, Stefan Peschta, Dagmar Lagler | Stage Direction Cornelia Rainer | Stage and Costume design Aurel Lenfert | Dramatic Adviser Sibylle Dudek | Music Karl Stirner | Video Michael Schüller


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