by Cornelia Rainer | Theater Dschungel Vienna 2013
Matthias Pötsch

"Who if not us,
when if not now?"
       Joan of Arc

Everyone knows the story of Joan of Arc, who changed the world by going to war as the first woman of her time and defying men. Countless poets such as Schiller or Brecht adopted the legend. Cornelia Rainer brought the historic fabric of the Maid of Orleans back to the stage, on behalf of the Theatre Dschungel Vienna for children and adolescents from the age of 12 years and abvove. read more

In a time when youth believe that there is nothing to believe in anymore, more than ever we need something to believe in, more than ever it's time for a modern Joan. But is it as easy as it was back then? Can you still manage everything with a sword? What's the heart of Joan's legend? Is there only one Joan or are there more? "Johanna" is a play about identities, role models and the search for the real self.

For this production Cornelia Rainer has been nominated for the Stella 2013, Performing Art Price in the category "Outstanding Production for the young Audience". She has also been awarded with the Outstanding Artist Award 2014, Performing Arts by the Austrain Federal Chancellery.

Dates and cast

World premiere took place on the 25th of April, 2012, at Theater Dschungel Vienna/Austria

With Sophie Aujesky, Sophie Behnke, Anna Lisa Grebe, Louise Knof (Joan) | Text and Stage Direction Cornelia Rainer | Stage and Costume Design Nini von Selzam | Music Karl Stirner | Light design Hannes Röbisch | Assistant Director Moritz Bleichl | Stage and Costume assistant Stefanie Muther | Sound assistant Sebastian Seidl | Trainee Jonathan Achtsnit


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