Plus Null Komma Fünf Windstill

by Maria Kilpi | Burgtheater Vestibül 2008
Burgtheater Wien

"all prevailing weather conditions in the text are fictitious.
any resemblance to weather conditions
that have actually prevailed are coincidental
and not intended."
Händl Klaus

This explanation introduces the carefully recorded dialogue of two women in the Finnish countryside close to the Russian border. read more A young woman visits her newly widowed grandmother in her new small apartment. Excerpts from their two days together, the evening before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve itself, are depicted seemingly word for word. Whether they are talking about the weather, about barley bread, about grandma's trip to the glass museum in Riihimäki with the Mercury Club: the things are conveyed gently and monosyllabically – things like that are familiar from an early age. When it comes to talking about the war, the girl wants to document the memories of the old woman with a video camera, but she evades it. Her late husband who now and then appears in the room as a third character is closer to her – whether the granddaughter is flipping through his calendar where he has recorded the day temperature year in and year out, or whether the widow is picturing how he would go to the basement to smoke. Eventually, the girl runs to the bus stop alone in order to go back to Helsinki. In her play, Maria Kilpi presents an insightful portrait of the meeting of two generations that seems to be taken from real life thanks to its realistic depiction. At the same time, the author reflects mechanisms of remembering and the problems in documenting memories in her text, and thereby gives that piece a thematic universality that reaches beyond any one individual case.

Dates and cast

Austrian Premiere | Premiere on 10th of February, 2008

With Pauline Knof und Barbara Petritsch | Stage Direction Cornelia Rainer | Stage and Costume Design Aurel Lenfert | Music Claus Riedl, Milos Todorowsky | Sound design Jürgen Leutgeb | Dramaturgy Judith Liere | Light design Michael Hofer | Video Christoph Graf


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