TMR/ Theater Montagnes Russes

Do you enjoy standing on a stage? Do you like standing in front of the camera?
Do you love to invent your own stories and slip into strange characters?
Do you dream of writing your own play and making your first movie?

At the TMR / Theater and Film Academy you will discover the world of theater and film with professionals, and you may soon be standing on stage or in front of the camera yourself.
The TMR / Theater and Film Academy is led by the Austrian theater company TMR / Theater Montagnes Russes. The courses take place in the TMR / Studio 1050 and are open to all children and young people.

- Timely supporting of young talents
- Developing artistic and social skills
- participation in national and international TMR / Theater and Film productions


Dates Summer 2018 + Season 2018/2019:

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Summer 2018 + Season 2018/2019 (PDF)



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