Theater- and Filmproduction, Art and Cultural Education, "Applied Research"

The TMR / Studio in the fifth district of Vienna is a rehearsal and research area established by the theater company TMR/ Theater Montagnes Russes, in which the main fields of the company’s activities are further developed and combined: artistic productions, interdisciplinary art and cultural mediation and "applied research" . All three areas are closely related and interact in many ways. The term "applied research", derives from the natural sciences and refers to the only safe method that is also inherent in the theater: searching, exploring and discovering. Seemingly well-known ways and sources are constantly being reopened, mental and physical states, social, political and individual questions of life are reflected from ever new perspectives, apparently familiar things placed in an ever-new context. "Applied research" allows, which is not always taken for granted: ask questions and start over again.

We burn with desire to fathom everything and to perform a tower that reaches into infinity.
But our whole building crashes, and the earth opens to the depths.
Blaise Pascal


At the center of all TMR / studio activities are interdisciplinary experiments, which TMR considers essential for the further development of the theater. The many years of experience of Cornelia Rainer in the domestic and international art and cultural scene and her teaching experience at established institutions, guarantee a professional combination of artistic quality and current research standards. Through the collaboration of young theater makers, experienced artists and specialist specialists from home and abroad, an international and multicultural environment is created, in which a wide variety of formats can develop.


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